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THE present volume is an enlarged edition' of that published
in 1887, and has been completely rewritten. The preparations
have all been carefully revised, some of the former ones
omitted and many new ones introduced. The chief additions
are the introductory chapters on organic analysis and molecular
weight determinations, and an extension of the appendix.
The book does not aim at being a complete laboratory guide,
but is intended to provide a systematic course of practical in-
struction, illustrating a great variety of reactions and processes
with a very moderate outlay in materials and apparatus.
The objection may be raised that the detailed description of
processes makes no demand upon a student's resourcefulness
or ingenuity. It must be remembered, however, that the
manipulative part of organic chemistry is so unfamiliar to the
elementary student that he requires minute directions in order
to avoid waste of time and material. Until he..has acquired
considerable practical skill he cannot accomplish the experi-
mental work requisite for research, and repeated failures will be
apt to destroy his confidence in himself.
To satisfy, to a. legitimate extent, the prejudices of certain
examining bodies, who still adhere to the old system of testing
a student's knowledge of practical organic chemistry by means
of the qualitative analysis of certain meaningless mixtures, the
special tests for some of the more common organic substances
have been inserted. At the same time, an attempt has been
at the end of the appendix to systematise the analysis of